The Empowered Cook Meal Plan – Week Starting 8th January 2017

Hello and welcome to 2017! I have such a big plan for The Empowered Cook this year – and I’m so glad you are here at the beginning to see it all unfold. I can’t wait to share with you what I have planned.

To start the year off – a few of you have mentioned that meal planning is the biggest focus area for you: how to do it, does it save money, why do it, etc. So I thought I’d share with you all our weekly meal plan. I’ll do this most weeks (life permitting). That way, you can see a real life meal plan in action.

I have found meal planning to really work in our current family setup. When I was single, or when it was just my partner and I – meal planning was something that came and went. Sometimes I did it, sometimes I didn’t.

But now, with a toddler and working outside the home – I rely on my 15 minutes of meal planning on Sunday. It sets us up for the week. I take the time to think about what we have going on this week, what do I have in the fridge and freezer this week – and also what is my budget this week. Taking all of this into consideration, I then choose my meals for each day of the week.

Take this week, for example. This is our last week of holidays, but our first week of our little one starting childcare for 3 days a week. I will be home all week – so I can take the time to cook. I do want to do some bulk cooking if I can – so I need to ensure there are some meals here that I can double batch and pop some in the freezer. Our budget is a little tight – so I need to use what I have on hand – and limit buying anything else.

So this week – our meal plan looks like this:

My family's meal plan for this week.

The recipe I am using for the Mac n Cheese is this one from Live Simply. It is delicious – AND I can double batch it and freeze one. Simple.

The Baked Tofu recipe is similar to this one from Heather at Beauty That Moves. I took a course of hers last year and it included a very similar recipe and it is really delicious. I had never baked tofu before – but it gives it such a ‘meaty’ texture. The marinade is also super flexible, so you can adjust this to suit your family.

I serve this with Fried Rice – using Janella Purcell’s recipe as the basis. Janella is my naturopath and I idolise her approach to food and health. A goddess.

We’re also starting a little family tradition this year and making Saturday night Mexican Night. So this will be burritos or tacos or enchiladas or nachos! We’ll decide closer to the weekend what we feel like here.

I hope this meal plan inspires you! What are you planning this week?


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