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How to Make Green Smoothie Freezer Bags

One of the biggest changes I have made to our family’s diet in the last few years has been to increase the number of vegetables that we eat – specifically leafy greens. I have done this by aiming to include vegetables (and greens) in every meal. A green smoothie is a great way to do […]

A to Z of Vegetables: C is for Carrot

And we’re back with another article in our A to Z of Vegetables series. We are up to C – and C is for Carrot. The humble, cheap, buy a bag of them, carrot. I personally love carrots. We always have a bag in the fridge, and then form part of my weekly meal prep […]

Mango and Apple Muffins Recipe

As part of my weekly meal planning, I also list down a few lunchbox treats. Muffins are a big winner in our house. They are easy to make (usually one bowl), and they freeze perfectly. Because of this, they are often on my prep list as part of my weekly meal plan. This Mango and […]

A to Z of Vegetables: B is for Broccoli

Welcome back to the A to Z of Vegetables series. You can read the rest of the series here. Today – we’re up to the letter B, and I’ve chosen Broccoli. Why? Because very few people in my house love broccoli – and I feel it needs some extra love and attention. We buy a […]

Simple Real Food Toddler Lunch Ideas

Packing a lunchbox can really pull on those creativity strings. Especially when you have to make 5 a week. And that’s just for one kid. My sister has 4 kids at school – that is 20 lunchboxes a week. Argh! I will share some inspiration today with simple toddler lunch ideas. They might work for […]

A to Z of Vegetables: A is for Asparagus

A is Asparagus in the A to Z of Vegetables. Do you like it? Do you eat it? How often? It occasionally makes its way into our house – primarily on my breakfast plate. I am the only fan of asparagus in this household – but it is such a powerhouse, that I chose this […]