What My Toddler Ate This Week – Toddler Food Ideas

Let’s be honest – my toddler can either be an eating machine or he will simply take a bite and run off to play. It is impossible to predict which toddler will be joining us for a meal. Unless, of course, I am serving mashed potato and sausages – because he will ALWAYS devour those. I thought the best way to show you some toddler food ideas was to actually share with you what my toddler ate this week. Real life toddler food ideas.

I thought the best way to show you some toddler food ideas was to share with you a week of what my toddler eats. Real life toddler food ideas. Join me as I share breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for my toddler this week.

Toddler Food Ideas: Breakfast

For breakfast, my little one is a child of routine. He pretty much has the same breakfast every single morning for weeks at a time. He went through a period of time where we ate weetbix with oat milk or soy milk. Then he had honey on toast for about a month. And now – we’re on to pancakes. I bulk cook these every couple of weeks and store them in the freezer. We simply pop one in the toaster in the morning, and serve it with strawberries, apple or sultanas. And a drizzle of maple syrup.

He will sometimes have two pancakes, if he has woken up extra hungry. I only make small ones – about the size of my palm. Freezing them has been one of the best ways that I can prep breakfast – it has saved me so much time in the mornings.

I use a variety of recipes – but I find these ones to be the best:

Toddler Food Ideas: Lunch

My toddler goes to childcare 5 days a week. We prepare his lunch for those days, while the childcare provides a morning and afternoon snack. Those snacks are generally very similar to what we have at home: carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus, rice crackers, fruit, yoghurt. All very simple.

For his lunch, we prepare a lunchbox. I’ve already shared what we include in there in this post – and there are some great lunchbox toddler food ideas there. Go have a read.

On weekends, his lunches are very similar to his lunchboxes. A variety of things – all wholefood items. Or he might have a simple sandwich. If we have leftovers, he will sometimes share those with us.

This week, we’re all about the lunchboxes. We’ve had leftover sausages chopped up, some cheese, sultanas, crackers. I also added some leftover sweet potato mash – my toddler has always been happy to eat this cold, so it works well in the lunchbox.

For a sweet treat, I like to include a medjool date. This is a wholefood treat – and just a little something for him to eat as part of his lunch.

A toddler lunchbox - real toddler food ideas.

Toddler Food Ideas: Dinner

For dinners, my little one simply eats whatever we eat. I rarely make anything different for him. I may serve it differently – I learnt this tip from an awesome cook book that I highly recommend: Feeding the Family*. In this book, there is a suggestion around serving the components of the meal separately. I tried this recently with a tofu noodle dish. It was meant to be served as a combined pile of noodles and tofu and vegetables – but I instead served it up as a small pile of noodles, a few pieces of tofu and kept the vegetables separately. Even a little pot of the sauce for dipping. You would not believe my surprise when my little one not only ate the tofu – but asked for seconds. I was one proud Mama that night.

This week, we’ve had sausages and mashed potato with vegetables – where my little one ate the carrots, but chewed and then spat out the green beans. That is progress – at least he is putting them in his mouth! 🙂


Toddler Food Ideas: Snacks

As I mentioned above, snacks are kept simple. Vegetable sticks, cheese, sultanas, fruit. We do buy some prepared snacks – but I highly recommend reading the ingredients on all of these. We have chosen a brand that only has whole food ingredients – and there are no preservatives or additives.

My little one also LOVES smoothies. His particular favourite is Chocolate Banana. This is so simple: a cup of oat milk, half a frozen banana and 1/4 tsp of raw cacao powder. We then whiz this up with the stick blender. I’m confident he could make this himself – he knows all the ingredients and is pretty great at pouring the milk (thanks Montessori childcare!).

Toddler Food Ideas: Toddler Smoothie


What about you? What does your toddler eat? Do you have any major successes? Please comment below and share with us. I’m sure we could all do with some new toddler food ideas!


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