The Empowered Cook Meal Plan – Week Starting 22nd January 2017

Our family meal plan this week is again built from freezer meals. We’re only into our second week of our new childcare routine – so easy meals are still very much needed. I’ve also tried to choose weeknight meals that will provide leftovers so that we can eat these for lunch the next day. This will help the lunchbox preparation time!

My family's meal plan for this week.

Tonight we have one of my newly discovered favourites: lentil loaf. I honestly never thought that I would make this – it just sounds so hippy! But seriously – it is delicious. I have made it to the point of cooking it, and it is now happily waiting for me in the freezer. I just need to defrost it and bake it. We’ll be serving it with leftover vegies from last night’s dinner. So although it is quite a hearty, homemade meal – it will actually be quite simple and easy to prepare tonight. The recipe I use is similar to this one – but if you are keen to give it a go, have a google and find one that appeals to you.

The bonus night this week is that we also have Australia Day and a public holiday on Thursday. This year we’re bringing back a little tradition that we started many years ago – with a good homemade Aussie burger on the family meal plan. I am looking forward to that meal! Beetroot and pineapple and egg! That’s the Aussie way, right?

With traditions in mind, our Saturday Mexican Nights are going well. We had some really delicious nachos the other week – so they will be making a comeback this week I think. I made a very yum vegan nacho cheese sauce to go over them, and while it wasn’t ‘cheese’ – it was still very more-ish. The recipe I used was similar to this one from The Minimalist Baker. Give it a go – you might be surprised.

What’s on your meal plan this week?


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