Weekly Food Prep Fridge Tour

I have a special weekly food prep fridge tour for you today. But first things first, how did you spend your weekend? We spent Saturday out and about visiting a local market (and perhaps eating too many mini donuts), and then playing for a long while at the park. Our little one hasn’t stopped talking about the ‘markets’ since. Clearly the visit was a hit.

I did however, need to do my weekly food prep. This is a non-negotiable in our house. I make a big concerted effort to do this every week – most often on Sundays.

This weekend was especially important, because we are all suffering from a cold. The weekend was also a little constrained, because my partner was heading out about 2.30pm for a football game. So I had a couple of hours at the absolute most to get it done.

So – how did I do it? What did I make?

First, I had prepared by organising to have some online shopping delivered late Saturday – after we had come home from the markets. That way, all we had to do was unpack it and put it away. While doing it, I made a mental note of what vegies I had, so that I could prep those the following day.

On Sunday – I needed to get into action and start chopping. I chopped leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots – all of which we will use this week as steamed vegetables. Grabbing a handful of these each night is just easy. And far less hassle than having to cut and prep a small amount each night. Much better use of my time to spend 30 minutes chopping ALL of them at once.

I also wanted to roast a bunch of vegies too. These are absolutely perfect to take for work lunches. I had bought some leafy greens in my shopping order, and so I also knew I wanted to make quinoa to go with these.

But before I got started on those, I decided to tackle the biggest thing first. We were having a roast chook for dinner – and because I would be solo-parenting for the pre-dinner routine, it made sense to cook this ahead of time. That way, my partner was still around to keep an eye on our little one.

So I started with roasting the chicken, and while that was cooking, I prepped my roasted vegetables and made my quinoa.

By the time the chicken was done, I had vegetables for the week cut and in the fridge, a container of quinoa ready too, and a tray of roasted veg ready for the oven.

While that last tray of veg was cooking, I also whipped up some chocolate bliss balls (similar to these).

And that was it. Done. Just shy of 2 hours in total time.

To show you the end result – I also did a weekly food prep fridge tour video, so you can see what it looks like following my weekly food prep.

I should forewarn you that this is a ‘real life’ weekly food prep fridge tour video – because my toddler thought it would be hilarious to take a ‘starring role’. So here you go – hope you get a giggle.

Do you food prep? Let me know in the comments below!

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