How to Organise your Kitchen to Help Get Dinner on the Table

Getting dinner on the table every night is a challenge. Cooking something wholesome and homemade – that the family will eat – is just hard sometimes. The Empowered Cook is all about sharing simple strategies that will help this process. Whether that be recipes, or freezer cooking tips, or meal planning inspiration – I am ultimately here to help you get dinner on the table. How to organise your kitchen is a good place to start.

The Empowered Cook shares how to organise your kitchen to help get dinner on the table. An organised kitchen will make your cooking easier and faster.

Today I’m sharing my top tips to organise your kitchen. Having an organised space to cook your meals will help you get dinner on the table. It makes everything you do more efficient – and therefore easier, and faster. It is also much more appealing to cook in a clean, clear space. Trust me.

How to organise your kitchen – here we go.

#1 – Locate Utensils Near the Stove

Keep things where you use them. Simple. I have a big pot next to my stove. In there – I keep everything that I use for the stove: wooden spoons, egg flip, spatulas, tongs. They are right there, so that when I need them – I can easily grab one. It is much easier to grab from a pot, than to rummage in a drawer to find what I need.

#2 – Use Compartments in “THAT” Drawer

Everyone has one. A mess of a drawer. Where things fall out when you open it. Where all the lost items in your house go to die.

I have found that I can deal with “THAT” drawer by popping in some small containers – to create compartments. This has meant that I can divide the mess. And by dividing the mess, it is actually easier to make less of a mess. Give it a go.

#3 – Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Do you really need an egg slicer? How often do you really slice eggs? I mean, really?

Go through you drawers and remove everything you haven’t used in the last few months. Donate it, throw it out – whatever works. But just remove it from your kitchen – and your life.

You will be surprised by how much you can actually toss. And you will be surprised how your ingenuity will come into play. Like when you next need to slice eggs (maybe just use a knife!).

#4 – Embrace and Be Ready for Leftovers

Store your leftover containers close to where you clean up after dinner. Always have a good supply, ready to go. A couple of years ago, I invested in some glass containers for single serve meals for the freezer. Best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I bought 12 – they are 3 cup in size and Pyrex brand – this is not a sponsored post. I just really love them. They are the perfect size for single serve leftovers. And for my family of 2 adults and a toddler – they also hold the perfect amount of a casserole or similar. I bought mine here – but google and see if you can find a good deal.

#5 – Have Blank Labels and a Pen in the Kitchen

Following on from embracing those leftovers, you need to be able to accurately record what is in those containers. Or else, you’ll likely stumble across a frozen block of something brown in a few months time and have no recollection.

I use the small white labels that you can buy pretty much anywhere. They are cheap and easy to use – and will easily wash off.

But you can just as easily use a roll of masking tape.

Just make sure you use a permanent marker – so it doesn’t wash off.

#6 – 3 Step Rule

This is probably one for those of us who have the option to reorganise our kitchen layout. If you don’t, feel free to skip to the next tip!

When organising the layout of your kitchen – follow the 3 step rule. One step from fridge to sink to stove. This is the best way to use the space. It makes cooking and cleaning far more efficient. You’ll find the best kitchens follow this principal in some way – pay attention next time you see a kitchen you love.

#7  Herbs, Spices, Oils – store near the stove.

I keep these all close to the stove. This is where I use them – so it makes sense that they are close by. Just like tip #1 – keep them where you use them.

#8 – Make Cleaning Easy

Store all your cleaning supplies in easy reach. Paper towels, dish cloths, tea towels, hand towels – there should be a good supply of these. I keep all of mine under our kitchen sink. I have them in baskets mainly – so that they are kept neat and tidy. Pinterest has some great inspiration for this sort of thing.

Your main goal should be to have enough clean tea towels and dish cloths that you can use a clean one every day. At the end of the night, as part of our night time routine, I will completely wipe down the sink and the kitchen bench. I’ll then lay out some clean linens – and pop the others in the wash. This is a really nice way to wake up the morning.

#9 – Pot Holders Ready!

Where do you keep your pot holder?

Mine is on the handle of the stove. And I have a couple of other ones in the cupboard with the saucepans. They are close by – and easy to grab quickly. Safety first!

#10 – Put a Pinnie On!

Always have an apron ready. I own a number of aprons – and I always wear one. On the rare occasion that I don’t – I will bet my bottom dollar that I will somehow splatter something on my clothes. My little one even has his own apron – and he will put it on before helping me with dinner. Teaching the next generation, I am.

What tip are you going to try first? Tell me below!


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