Need some new recipes? Skip Google and instead try these websites!

Need Some New Recipes? Skip Google and instead try these websites from The Empowered Cook!

When you’re after a new recipe for chicken, where do you go? Do you simply just go to Google and type in Chicken Recipe? Or maybe head to Pinterest and do the same? If you need new recipes, skip google!

While this will give you plenty of results – it is hard to know for sure if these recipes will work or even taste like something your family will eat. We’ve all been there: a pinterest fail. My best was a slowcooker beef one – oh it is easy, they said. Just throw it all in the slowcooker, they said. Hmm… A liquid, flavourless soup of beef was the result. A complete waste of good quality ingredients. Let’s just say I don’t use that website anymore.

And I’ve also changed the way I search for recipe ideas on the web. If I need a really specific recipe like how to make a butter chicken dish, then I still search via Google or Pinterest. But if I am just after ideas – I instead turn to websites that I know and trust, and I search there.

But how do you know what websites are good and what are not so good? Well – that’s where I can help!

I’ve listed my favourites below. I also subscribe to the email updates on most of these, and I follow them on social media. It keeps the inspiration there for me – but mainly I know why I need to go to each site.

But first, I can already hear your question: So why doesn’t The Empowered Cook make an appearance on this list? Well – because The Empowered Cook isn’t a recipe website. There are plenty of those for you to find and love. The Empowered Cook is here to show you and teach you how to actually make those recipes that you find and to give you strategies to help get dinner on the table every night of the week. 

And this all starts with finding recipes that your family will love.

Need Some New Recipes? Skip Google and instead try these websites from The Empowered Cook!


Jules from Stonesoup is amazing. She has a background in food science – so she understands the flavours and the techniques of cooking. BUT – she makes the most simple meals. Her book – 5 Ingredients, 10 minutes – is a staple in our house. And her meals are actually achievable in 10 minutes. I’ve tested a lot of them. But they are also full of flavour and very healthy – the ingredients are common too – so no need to rush out to some fancy store to buy something you’ll only use once. She is a huge fan of beef mince – as am I – and as a result, she has some really great recipes for this staple ingredient. Check out her Beef and Broccoli Stirfry and her Beef Rissoles. I also love her Green Curry Broccoli Soup.

Live Simply

I love this website. I find the meals here to be super healthy, but still very family orientated. They are generous, hearty and delicious. But most importantly for me – they are all Real Food recipes. Made with real ingredients, from scratch, without any packaged items. A simple, cheap and very delicious way to feed the family. Her method of writing recipes is also really easy to follow. I particularly like her Bacon Lentil Soup (straight from freezer to the slowcooker) and her Vegetable Spaghetti Sauce (super kid-friendly).

Nourished Kitchen

This one is a little more fancy, and very American focused – but still a really great place for inspiration. She has truly healthy, wholesome, wholefood recipes on her site – and while some are a little technical, there are other very basic recipes that you can begin with. See her recipe for Lentil Stew and Roast Chicken Stock for example. If you’re feeling adventurous – try her recipe for Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Soup).

Planning With Kids

These recipes are the super basic, family style recipes. They are also very hearty – as she has a lot of kids to feed (5 kids!). Her slowcooker options are really delicious too – we’ve tried and loved: Slowcooker Chicken Satay and Slowcooker Risotto.

Feeding Finn

A babyled weaning extravaganza – but the site is chock full of kid friendly, healthy, vegetable centered recipes. There are some really good, slightly different recipes here that we often experiment with. The Red Lentil Lasagne is one that we’ve tried and it was an absolute hit. I’ll be trying this Slowcooker Sausage Hotpot soon!


Now that I’ve shared these with you – what do you do? Browse them, and pick ONE recipe to try this week with your family. I know it’s hard to pick one – but give it a go. Also – follow The Empowered Cook on Pinterest and you’ll find even more inspiration!


And one last thing: do you have some favourite recipe sites that you use? Please share in the comments below so that we can all visit and take a look!



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