Need some motivation? The Best Channels for YouTube Kitchen Motivation

There is something about watching an everyday person tackle the same problems we all face, that is really motivational. YouTube has provided this awesome vehicle for people around the world to share how they do their daily tasks – like cooking, cleaning, making dinner, dealing with laundry and kids and working full time, and staying at home… I could go on. There is very possibly a YouTube video for any topic you google.

I am an avid YouTube watcher – it started when I was pregnant. I really enjoyed watching other birth stories – the amount of women who have shared their birth via YouTube is amazing. But then I found that these same women generally were ‘vloggers’ (video bloggers) and that they shared much more than just the birth. I’ve since subscribed to a whole bunch and regularly check-in with how their lives are going.

I’ve learnt a bunch of tips and tricks to do with raising Ollie, but also in terms of keeping my house clean and what to cook for dinner.

YouTube can also be incredibly overwhelming though – there is a LOT of junk on there. And you can easily slip into the void of the YouTube universe and lose hours of time searching and clicking on boring old clips…

So – let’s do this The Empowered Cook way. I’ll share my top YouTube Kitchen Motivation channels with you and get you started. This is the list I wish someone had given me when I started!

The Best Channels for YouTube Kitchen Motivation from The Empowered Cook

Join the Jacksons

Ash, James and their three kids (Heidi, Archie and Louie) are an Australian family who post a YouTube video every single day. That in itself, is an awesome achievement. Their daily videos are well worth a watch just to see how another family lives their lives, but they also have some really practical advice to share too. There are a bunch of good recipes included too – I particularly like James’s cooking videos – they are super simple and easy to make.

Ash has just started her own spin-off YouTube channel too: Ash Jackson. So far the videos have been really great – and are more specially filmed and edited content, rather than the vlog style of their original channel. She has shared some great tips here too!

Live Simply

I am a HUGE fan of the Live Simply website. The recipes are amazing, but so are the natural cleaning tips and instructional guides. She is a great presenter too – and this is clear in her YouTube videos. Her quick recipes are shot beautifully, and she makes things look super easy – which is really motivational! I’ve tried a bunch of her recipes, and they have all been delicious. Highly recommended.

How Jen Does It

This YouTuber is a classic for cleaning and organisation. She also has a bunch of great recipes – especially slowcooker recipes. I followed her daily while they completely renovated their new home (I’d recommend those videos!). She also has some really great cleaning routine videos – showing you how to create a routine in your home, how to zone clean and she also has a complete series on how to get your home clean in 15mins a day. A great watch and completely achievable!

Homemaker on the Homefront

I really discovered this one when I was looking for motivational cleaning videos. What? Yes. Sometimes watching someone else clean up or organise their home is incredibly motivational. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

This YouTube has a great collection of ‘speedy’ ones – they are sped up videos set to music showing her clean her kitchen at night. It starts out a complete mess with dinner everywhere, dishes all over and just general household junk all over the counters. But in a few minutes (love the sped up version – if only it was this fast in real life!) the kitchen is tidied up, and cleaned down.

This is something I’ve adopted in our house – the kitchen is always clean before we go to bed. It makes such a HUGE difference in the morning waking up to a clean kitchen. It makes me want to cook breakfast and start my day. I got this idea from my Mum originally, but it was this YouTuber who really demonstrated the difference it can make. And her kids are gorgeous – they often pop up in her videos, pulling cheeky faces at the camera. Check her out.

Our Farmhouse Life

I’ve followed along with this one for awhile now – the couple are just super cute and homey. They are slowly renovating their home – so we see them working together to build a family home. The kitchen itself now looks amazing. But she also shares some really great personal goals as she makes her way through all the challenges that come with having your own home. She is also a fan of The FlyLady – and has a great challenge series, where she explains various chapters of The FlyLady’s famous book. Again – a great watch.


And there you have it – the best motivational YouTubers that I follow. Next time you’re in the kitchen chopping up veges for dinner, or you need some motivation on a Saturday morning to actually get up and clean the house – pop on some YouTubes. You’ll find it does work!

Already a YouTube fan? Who do you watch? Please share your favourites in the comments below. I’d love to add some more to my list!

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