The Empowered Cook Meal Plan – Week Starting 19th March 2017

I started preparing this week’s meal plan by checking the contents of our freezer, and our fridge. I have a couple of packs of meat that we need to use up (or freeze) and a random selection of vegetables in our fridge. In the freezer, however, I have a large number of single serve freezer meals that need to be eaten. So this weekly meal plan will be all about freezer meals.

The Empowered Cook shares her family's weekly meal plan. This week - it is all about freezer meals!

The added bonus of course with this, is that we don’t need to spend money this week on food. We’ll simply eat what we already have. And I also know that we’ll have a fuss free few nights of cooking – because we’ll simply be reheating previously made with love meals. They will still feel like we’re eating home-cooked goodness – but without the time commitment.

You’ll notice in the meal plan that I don’t specify what meal we’ll be eating. This is another positive of having multiple freezer meals. We can easily decide the day before (so that it will defrost) what we want to eat. Plus – a lot of my freezer meals are ‘single serve’ leftovers, so we can actually choose a couple of these and all eat something different – or even have a bit of a buffet.

If you want to get started with freezer cooking – come read this post. And let me know in the comments below if you ‘eat from your freezer‘ like we do.


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