The Empowered Cook Meal Plan – Week Starting 5th February 2017

Another week, another weekly meal plan!

We are still recovering from a super bug that our little one picked up from childcare. This one really got it’s hooks into us. My partner and I rarely get sick – and so it has been quite a shock to the system. I’ve been researching and reading about how to build immunity – so no doubt, we’ll be doing this as part of our food planning in the coming weeks.

But for now, we are back to work and childcare this week – so hoping that we can kick this bug right out of our home!

I made a big batch of chicken soup (you can see my instagram post here) and that has made a difference. We’ve also eaten loads more leafy greens – again, something that really does help.

The Empowered Cook shares her family's weekly meal plan. What are you eating this week?

Meals this week will again be simple and fast – so that we can rest as much as we can. Monday to Wednesday (childcare days) are all freezer meals too. I actually need to start planning to refill my freezer – I don’t want it to get too depleted! The easiest way is to of course cook double – and freeze a batch. But I might simply aim to pop a few more casseroles in the freezer next weekend. One for the To Do List I think!

I also have a bit of food prep to do this weekend too. I have already made some trail mix (sultanas, apricots and nuts) and still have some chocolate chip cookies in the freezer. But I think we might need some veggie sticks and hummus – and maybe some granola bars. So I must get a wriggle on and start that before Sunday is over and Monday is here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends – and may Monday morning be gentle with you.



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