The Empowered Cook Meal Plan – Week Starting 15th January 2017

Our Meal Plan this week is beginning to reap the rewards of all the meal prep that I have done over the last few weeks. With our little one about to start childcare, and our return to work – it will be harder to cook each night, so I’ve devised a plan to keep us eating healthy, homemade dinners.

I took a few weeks off work over Christmas – and used that time to relax and rejuvenate. For me – that means I spent the time cooking. I have stocked our freezer full of homemade delights: burritos, lasagne, pasta bakes, lentil loaf, meatballs, brown rice, and a whole lot more.

This freezer stash will form our weekly dinner menu for the days that Oliver is in childcare – at least for the next month or so – until we get ourselves established in a solid rhythm of both parents working outside the home.

My family's meal plan for this week.

For the coming week, Oliver is in childcare Monday through to Wednesday – so we have freezer meals those days. 

I’ve also chosen the sides to be simple – and something that I can prep ahead. We’ll eat salad a few nights – and that will be a big salad that I’ve made over the weekend.

Plus most of the meals will double as lunch the next day. The Frittata for example will easily do us for dinner and all 3 of us for lunch the next day.

We’re sticking with our Mexican Night theme on Saturday – and again, we’ll decide what that looks like closer to the weekend. I am thinking burrito bowls…

The added bonus for us this week is that we will spend a very small amount on groceries this week – almost all of the meals are from the freezer, meaning no need to shop! $$ saved!

How do you tackle the return to work/school? Do you use your freezer to prep ahead?


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