How to Meal Plan: The Empowered Cook Way *Free eCourse*

Would you like to learn how to meal plan for your family? I will share my top tips for meal planning in this article, and I also have a free email eCourse for you – that will walk you through each step to get a meal plan done for your family.

Meal Planning forms part of the foundation of my kitchen. Learning how to meal plan was a game changer for me. Yes, my Mum had shown me the basics – but it wasn’t until I created a system that I really saw the effects of meal planning in my kitchen and for my family.

Would you like to learn how to meal plan for your family? I have a free eCourse that you can join where I walk you through the very simple steps to add meal planning to your kitchen rhythm. It includes a daily email with a 10 minute task each day - and a bunch of free meal planning printables!

Meal plans save you time. Meal plans save you money. And they save you Thinking Time.

You know what I mean by that last one? This is the critical one for me. Walking in the door after work, and NOT having to think about what we’re going to have for dinner is very important for me.

Yes, it does mean that I need to dedicate some time during the week to actually meal plan. But really, this can take me about 15mins. And I think that is a good investment of my time.

I have however found meal planning onerous in the past. I used to sit down with a pile of cookbooks or magazines and dream about the meals I could cook during the week: an italian inspired pasta dish with a smooth creamy sauce served with a side of greens and some crusty bread. But then when it came to the day I’d scheduled this meal, I would have had a crap (I mean intense) day at work, and my train home was delayed – and then I’d check the fridge to find the greens had wilted and I had forgotten to buy cream. Those are the nights we used to end up with take-away or a pub meal.

Now that we have Oliver though (our little boy), we can’t really just duck down to the local pub for a meal (oh how I miss those nights!). I need to be more organised – but more importantly, I need it to actually work.

So I researched. I tried many different meal planning tips and tricks. And now I have a pretty good system.

So how do we do it?

It is a simple 3-step process: Family Favourites, Inventories, and Meal Plan.

But most importantly – it is about creating a habit. Meal Planning can be great – but you really need to embed the steps into your weekly rhythm of your kitchen.

So – to help you really embrace how to meal plan for your family – I’ve created a free eCourse to walk you through the process, simply and easily.

Simply click on the image below to sign up. I’ll need your email address to get started. The content is delivered over 7 days – with a new email each day. I will give you simple steps to complete – taking around 10 mins a day.

By the end of the 7 days, you’ll have a Meal Plan for your family. AND you’ll know the system that you need to repeat to create another meal plan.

Please come along and join us. I’d love to have you.

You can join the eCourse here.

Join The Empowered Cook FREE Meal Planning eCourse

And don’t forget to jump on over to The Empowered Cook facebook page or Instagram account and share some photos of your meal plans! I’d love to hear how you go!


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