How to Clean Your Kitchen Naturally with Essential Oils

The move away from chemical cleaners was a slow one for me. It took years to make the change. Research, a little trial and error, and then more research – meant that the transition to find what worked for me and my family took a little longer than just mixing up some new cleaners. But it really can be that simple. And I wish I had started with this simple swap so much sooner than I did. In this article I will show you How To Clean Your Kitchen Naturally with Essential Oils – and share with you all the things that work for me.

The Empowered Cook shares how to clean your kitchen naturally with essential oils like lemon, lemongrass and litsea. Simple, easy recipes that you can make in your kitchen to keep it clean naturally.

Whenever I grocery shopped and went down the cleaning product aisle, I would invaraibly sneeze and my skin would itch. I am a sensitive person and I do have skin that reacts to most things. But it really did take me a long time to consider the possibility that the products I was using to clean my home could actually be having an impact on my sensitive skin.

For me, I only really made the change as I started to remember how we used to clean things. I remember bicarb and vinegar and just plain soap in my Mum’s laundry cupboard. It was rare that we would have many different bottles in lots of colours and scents. Plus, it always kind of irritated me that these cleaning products were advertised to women. Doesn’t it annoy you? Playing to a stereotype is lazy and insulting. So I started to research.

And I found Essential Oils.

I remember my Mum always having a bottle of eucalyptus and lavender. The smell is still very vivid and it demonstrates to me that this is something that has been around for a long time. Cleaning with Essential Oils is where I started – I have since moved on to using these bountiful oils to support and protect my family. They are an everyday occurrence now. Every step of my daily routine incorporates some level of interaction with the Essential Oils: from my morning meditation, to my shower, to dressing my little one for childcare and then again as we prepare for bed. Essential Oils are just a part of our life now – and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

I will share with you today the main ways I use Essential Oils in my kitchen.

Please note that all of these products rely on the basics of distilled water (or cooled, boiled water), vinegar, castile soap, and dishwashing liquid.

All Purpose Spray

I make a simple recipe for an all-purpose spray in the kitchen. I use this for cleaning the counters, the stove top, and even spritzing my sink. My fridge and freezer regularly get a wipe-down, as do all my cupboard doors. With a toddler around, sticky fingers get everywhere. This spray removes them easily.

To make your spray you will need a glass spray bottle. Glass is important because the Essential Oils (the citrus oils), can interfere with the chemistry of plastics – so avoid putting oils into plastic containers. I buy the blue ones from Share Oils, but there are many different places you can choose to buy from.

Into your spray bottle (note mine is about 230ml), fill it about a qtr full with vinegar. Then add a squirt of your regular dishsoap. Next – add your Essential Oils of choices – in total, about 20 drops. Top up the remainder with boiled AND COOLED water. It really is that simple.

The Empowered Cook All Purpose Spray - How to Clean Your Kitchen Naturally with Essential Oils

Spot Clean – De-Greaser

I have found Wild Orange Essential Oil to work wonders on my greasy cupboards around the stovetop. I simply pop a few drops on a cloth and wipe down the cupboard. I’d do a test somewhere first – just to be sure that the undiluted oil won’t harm your surface – but I have used this without issue on my cupboards.

Insect Repellent

We all have a story (or two) about finding ants, spiders or (argh!) cockroaches in our kitchen. And using pesticides in our food preparation area just doesn’t seem smart to me. So I use Essential Oils to deter any pests.

I keep a little spray bottle with water and a couple of drops of Peppermint Essential Oil in my kitchen, and I simply spray around the window ledge occasionally. This will deter ants and spiders.

In the back corners of cupboards, I place a small dish with a few cotton wool balls. A few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil onto the cotton balls will deter cockroaches from hanging out in your cupboard among those pots and pans.

“Sticky” Remover

I re-use jars in my kitchen. I like to keep things simply in my pantry and will store things in jars rather than buy fancy containers. BUT I cannot stand it when those pesky labels refused to be peeled off easily. However, I have a trick now! Lemon Essential Oil! A few drops on a cloth will remove that stickiness straight away. Easy.

Clean Kitchen at Night

Dinner is done, the dishwasher is stacked and on, the counters are all wiped down – and the sink is clean and dry. That is our routine in our house. We pop out some new tea-towels and the kitchen is all ready to be made into a mess again at breakfast. But finishing the day with a clean kitchen really does make waking up so much more motivating.

I have incorporated Essential Oils here too. A few drops into the sink just releases a wonderful scent throughout the kitchen and really tops off your nice clean kitchen at night. I use lemongrass. I love the fresh scent, and it just makes me feel happy. Try it.

Choosing Your Essential Oils For the Kitchen

I particularly love the following:

Lemon – I use this in my All Purpose Spray, to splash into the sink, and to remove the sticky labels off a jar.

Lemongrass – this is a delightfully, cheery smell and is perfect splashed into the sink at the end of the day.

Litsea – not a traditional citrus oil, but this smells so good. This is my current favourite in our All Purpose Spray.

Wild Orange – a great swap for any of the above. And an incredibly calming scent.

Tea Tree – wonderfully clean and a great option for the All Purpose Spray. Try combining it with lavender to improve the scent a little.

Where can I buy Essential Oils?

I personally choose to use doTERRA Essential Oils. I have used other brands, but I have found these oils to better serve me and my family. They are ethically sourced and are pure – there are no nasties in these wonderful bottles.

You can choose to buy these oils from me, I have included the link to do so above and here it is again.

If you choose to sign up with doTERRA you will receive access to wholesale prices – saving you money each time you buy the oils. A single bottle will last you – as you only need a few drops at a time – but if you are like me, once you start to experience these oils, you will want to continue to explore. A wholesale account is the best way to do this.

Please contact me if you would like to know more. I offer one on one consultations with the oils (via phone, skype or in person), as well as group classes. Samples are readily available too, so please reach out to experience these for yourself.


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