Christmas Planning: 5 Things You Can Do Now to be Ready for Christmas Lunch

Christmas planning has begun! The decorations are out, the carols have begun and work and school is in wind-down mode. You may think that Christmas lunch is last on your list of things to do – behind presents, cards, decorating – but there is a way to make Christmas lunch easier. Start now. Today, I’ll share 5 things that you can do now to be ready for Christmas lunch.

Are you ready to start your Christmas Planning? Then – let’s go!

Do you need help with Christmas Planning? 5 easy things to do NOW to help you get Christmas Lunch on the table.

#1 – Make Ice

Each day between now and Christmas, fill and empty a full ice-cube tray at least once a day. You can store the ice-cubes in snaplock bags or another plastic container in the freezer.

The more you make now, the less you’ll need to buy! It also means that you can store less of the drinks in the fridge – as you’ll have plenty of ice to make the drinks cold on the day. This equals more room in the fridge for food!

PS. This is handy just for summer – not just for Christmas. 

#2 – Start Eating from the Fridge / Freezer

Do a full stock-take, and see what you have in there. You’ll need all the space you can get for Christmas holiday season – so free it up now.

Plus – this is a great money saver. The more you can eat from the fridge and freezer, the less money you’ll spend on everyday groceries. We often have whole weeks of ‘Eat from the Freezer’. We may need to still buy some fresh produce, but the bulk of our meals will come from the freezer.

#3 – Choose (and test!) your Christmas recipes

Have you decided what you are cooking this year? Have you been collecting recipe ideas? Start browsing your cookbooks, the web and Pinterest now. You’ll find plenty of inspiration – and it might give you an idea for something new to try.

Which brings me to my next point: if you choose something new – give it a test run. It might take a couple of times to get it right – and you’ll definitely want to make sure your family likes it before the big day. This also lets you be a little adventurous on Christmas Day – please try something new. I try and include something new each year – so that we’re not always eating the same meal. We do still stick to the basics – but I might include a quinoa and cranberry salad for example, or a special dessert.  

Need help planning your Christmas menu? I’ll be sharing a new post next week that will cover how to plan your Christmas Lunch and how to execute it. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it! But for now – start choosing your recipes.


#4 – Christmas Baking

There is a reason that fruit cakes were made through the war. They are cheap and last a long time. You can start making fruit cakes now and they’ll last until Christmas (stored correctly of course).

You can also bake biscuits, etc and freeze them now. Either as cooked biscuits – or simply as raw cookie dough that you can defrost and then cook. This is a great treat for the school holidays for the kids.

Christmas Baking is also a great present. Who doesn’t love some homemade gifts that you can eat? I love to receive gifts like this – and my shortbread is pretty much world famous.

#5 – Prepare Your Table Setting

Lastly, choose and plan how you will set the dinner table. How will you decorate? Do you have enough placemats and napkins? Will you use a tablecloth? Do you have a centrepiece? Will you use candles?

Do a test run of the layout. This saves the stress of a Christmas morning rush – when you realise that Aunt Polly can’t see Uncle Bob over the centrepiece. Or that you only have 5 matching napkins, when you needed 6.

Make sure all the linens are clean and ironed. A trick is to hang your tablecloth on a coat hanger in your wardrobe instead of folding it up and putting it in the drawer. This keeps creases to a minimum.

Decide on your centrepiece – search Pinterest for a bunch of homemade (and cheap!) ideas. If you are crafty – go all out. If you not crafty (I am not particularly gifted in this area!), then a glass vase filled with a bunch of coloured baubles is an easy, fast centrepiece.

And that’s it. Get started with these 5 things now. I’ll be sharing a few more Christmas posts as we head towards the holiday season – so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…

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