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Recipe: Chicken and Spinach Pie

It is getting colder here. The autumn coolness is giving way to the chill of winter. This is my favourite time of year – not just for the great layers of clothes and scarves, but also for the cooking. I do my best cooking in cold weather – hearty, wholesome food. This Chicken and Spinach […]

Recipe: Homemade Chips

This recipe for Homemade Chips is inspired by Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. This manifesto is all about how to eat real food – and he presents this in a series of ‘rules’ to govern the way you eat. One of his rules is that you can eat all the junk food you want, you just […]

Recipe: Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

This recipe for Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta came from a ‘challenge’ week in our house. When we returned to work following our Christmas break, I had stocked the freezer to the brim with dinners, lunches and snacks. This was more helpful than I ever thought it could be – and I doubt we would […]

How to Eat Real Food While Travelling

We are big travelers – both my partner and I get restless if we don’t travel often. We will travel for short weekend trips fairly regularly – but will always choose to travel overseas as often as we can. How to eat real food while travelling is also very important to us. Yes – we’ll eat […]

Recipe: Homemade Lasagne

I love homemade lasagne almost as much as I love spaghetti bolognese. The only separating factor is the extra steps that it takes to make lasagne. To combat this – I now make these in bulk, and freeze them. That way, the actual preparation is done on a lazy Sunday afternoon – rather than right […]

Weeknight Dinner Recipe: Chicken and Kale Hash

Making a yummy Weeknight Dinner Recipe that everyone will eat, and that you can cook fast, is a pretty important tool in The Empowered Cook arsenal. I have a couple of staples – and today’s recipe has become one of them. It is fast, cheap, delicious – and makes a tonne, so there is always […]

Lunchbox Treats: Mum’s Chocolate Slice

We were always the kids at school with the homemade lunchbox treats. The homemade biscuits and slice, wrapped in paper. I desperately wanted to fit in – i.e. not stand out – so I would often unwrap my lunch inside my bag, so that people wouldn’t see that it was wrapped in paper. They were […]

How to Organise your Kitchen to Help Get Dinner on the Table

Getting dinner on the table every night is a challenge. Cooking something wholesome and homemade – that the family will eat – is just hard sometimes. The Empowered Cook is all about sharing simple strategies that will help this process. Whether that be recipes, or freezer cooking tips, or meal planning inspiration – I am […]