5 Ted Talks on Feeding Your Family

I find watching Ted Talks incredibly inspiring. And there are so many. And they are short. So I devour them readily.

My particular favourite area of research and learning is about food, and about how I can feed my family better.

One of the first Ted Talks I ever watched was Jamie Oliver. His talk is incredibly moving and passionate – and therefore so inspiring. That easily makes it on to my list.

But there are others too – some that simply offer an alternative viewpoint, or they explain a scientific concept in simple and easy to understand language.

The speakers are all passionate about their particular niche – and they easily captivate the audience: including you.

Ted Talks are motivational and inspiring. These are my Top 5 Ted Talks on how to better feed your family - including the captivating Jamie Oliver.

Here are my Top 5 Ted Talks – all about feeding your family.

#1 – Jamie Oliver

This is perhaps my favourite Ted Talk. I love his passion, his nervousness, his enthusiastic plea for us to feed our children better. His talk is captivating – and it will make you think about what you feed your child.

You can see it here.

#2 – Sam Kass: Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed them well

I love the connection here between education and food. Sending kids to school with a full belly is critical – but it is more about what we feed them. Getting them nutrient dense food – and giving them the best start as they open their minds to all that knowledge.

It does have an American slant – because it does mention their infamous school lunches – but the message is still clear: feed them well.

You can see this Ted Talk here.

#3 – Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

This is just an eye-opener. Mark Bittman is great to listen to – and he has a strong statement to make. He links food to the climate, and to the environment. He takes our kitchens global – and really gets us to consider the impact our food choices have on the world. Be prepared to be shocked. And be prepared to be asked to change.

You can watch this one here.

#4 – Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal

Something that is ‘current’ due to the recent documentary “War on Waste” – this Ted Talk is right on the money. Another eye-opener. Such an incredible point – that food is produced but we actually don’t need it. The talk is fact based – and those facts will blow your mind. Why do we produce so much food, if we do not need it?

Watch this Ted Talk here.

#5 – Graham Hill: Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian

There has been a meatfree movement for a while now. Do you adopt it in your house? Meatless monday, vegetable heavy meals, or just vegetarian completely? This talk might just make you rethink your intake of meat.

Watch this one here.

What about you? Do you have others to share? What other speakers do you love to listen to? Tell us in the comments below.


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