2017 – A Year of Vegetables, Recipes and Pantry Organisation

Where did 2017 go? It seems to have sped on by in a whir of vegetables, recipes, pantry organisation and loads of travel adventures for me.

I feel like I have blinked and we are in January 2018. Happy New Year!

2017 was a big year here at The Empowered Cook – thank you to all of you who have followed me and read my articles, liked a few posts on Facebook and made a few of my recipes. I’ve loved sharing with you all – and it has also given me a creative outlet, which I have enjoyed immensely.

A Year in Review for The Empowered Cook - pantry organisation, vegetables and recipes!

Here’s what you liked the most this last year:

  • My Pantry Organisation ebookyou can get that here. Read the post and enjoy the ebook to get yourself organised in the pantry. Such a great way to start 2018!
  • Getting connected over social media – whether it was Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest – we connected this year! Come follow along if you’re not already.
  • You loved seeing me, my kitchen and my little one. I guess I will just have to share more this year??

Woodboard Love with Toddler Hands


And what did I love this year? Well so many things – our family trip to New York. Spending time seeing my little grow and learn to love his Montessori childcare. Experimenting in the kitchen and learning some new recipes. Maintaining a daily sadhana (meditation practice) which has made a huge difference to my days.

I also loved following along with these two:

Elena Brower – check her out on Instagram and also here on her website. She released a book this year: Practice.You and I seriously love it. You can see it here. A guided journal filled with beautiful artwork – it is a great creative pursuit for this year. Order it!

Carrie-Anne Moss – her Inner Circle was what led me to really commit to the daily meditation. And I haven’t looked back. I’ve grown to accept that it will most often not be perfect and I will rarely get to finish without interruption from my little one. But just taking that moment first thing in the morning – is just so needed. You can see more from Carrie-Ann here.

And as always – I loved exploring the web and following along with my favourites: Live Simply, Heather Bruggeman, and many others.

2017 felt like it needed some inspiration – and I found it in the above.

So what’s next? What will 2018 bring? Who knows. And I love that.


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